Hi, I'm Jude. I'm a native south Floridian. I have been creating images since I was old enough to walk. I will hopefully still be creating images until I an no longer able to walk. Speaking of walking, my journey into the commercial art and design world recently started and I am excited to see where it leads. I do hope that some of you reading this will be willing to join me on my journey for some time, that we may be able to help one another.

How did I get to this point so far? Well, after attending A.W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts, I spent 4 cold years in Rochester, NY to attend RIT. I returned home with a BFA in medical illustration and a dream to be one of the best designers in the South Florida area.

My goal is to raise the bar of what local clients find “acceptable” design (web and otherwise) and, consequently, advocate the idea that the way something looks and feels is extremely important when trying to sell a product or service. This concept, while seemingly common sense, is often the first aspect of a marketing plan that is eliminated. I seek clients that take tremendous pride in their work and want to show their product or service to the community in such a way that the community will feel it- feel the genuine hard work and effort, and give the product or service a chance to prove itself. The community can rally behind an organization like that, knowing they have a group of hard-working people providing an awesome product/service and working in their neighborhood.

I want to help creative people with good ideas visually communicate what they have to say in a way that will reach and speak to their target audience and beyond. When creative and driven people get together and are not afraid to get their hands dirty, not afraid to take risks, that is when greatness is made.

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